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Wild herbs and their effects

Wild herbs are the inconspicuous and mostly underrated superfoods in the world. Sometimes they are even dismissed as weeds, but the wild herbs contain valuable active ingredients that are also very important in medicinal medicine. The ABC of herbs is long and that makes it difficult to determine the right wild herbs that are best for you.

 The strongest wild herbs healing effects are:

  • hematopoietic blood
  • purifying
  • hemostatic
  • disinfectant
  • detoxifying
  • anti-inflammatory
  • diuretic
  • antispasmodic
  • expectorant
  • stress relieving

Buy or collect wild herbs

For beginners, it is a good idea to buy wild herbs regionally in order to get an overview. The weekly market or the trusted organic shop are ideal here. Often you can also pre-order wild herbs. If you dare, you can also go to collect wild herbs in nature. A trained eye and the most important basic knowledge are required here, because be careful: there are edible and poisonous wild herbs. In addition, the quality can suffer from vermin and pesticides etc. If you have a garden, you should therefore plant wild herb seeds in your garden and grow the healing herbs yourself.

To plant wild herbs yourself, the following are suitable for the first time:

  • Nettle (on compost)
  • Broad and ribwort plantain
  • Giersch
  • Gundermann
  • Dandelion

Nettle and dandelion – the favorite “weed”

While many people fight with all their might against nettles and dandelions in their garden and complain about the wild “weeds” every day, it is a blessing for us! The two types of wild herbs are not only easy to care for, they are also the favorite wild herbs in the kitchen. Dandelion has a lot of bitter substances that are good for the liver, kidneys and bile, as they have a cleansing effect. In addition, plenty of minerals and vitamins ensure a strengthened immune system. The nettle is even referred to as the “queen of medicinal plants”.

It more than lives up to this title, because the nettle impresses with a high content of important ingredients:

  • potassium
  • phosphorus
  • magnesium
  • Calcium
  • iron
  • Vitamin A, C, E
  • Beta carotene
  • protein
  • Chlorophyll
  • Silica
  • Phytoestrogens
  • Linoleic and linolenic acids in the perfect ratio
  • histamine
  • Secretin
  • Flavonoids

The healing effects of the nettle are:

  • blood purifying
  • hematopoietic
  • diuretic
  • detoxifying

As children, we all certainly trained ourselves to respect the medicinal plant through its burning spines. However, if you know how, you can easily harvest the nettle: Simply pluck the nettle leaf on the stem in the direction of growth or, safer, wear gardening gloves.

If you want to discover the “queen of medicinal plants” for yourself, we recommend a local smoothie recipe to start with:

  • 2 apples
  • 1 handful of nettle
  • well purified, energized water

Tip: Using the bianco di puro vacuum pump is a great advantage here, because nettle oxidizes and turns brown

Wild herb recipes for every day

Wild herbs are not only completely organic, but also pumped full of valuable nutrients. So why use just one herb when there are so many? We prefer to use mixed wild herb recipes. From wild herb salads to wild herb smoothies to wild herb pestos and sauces.

If you are just starting out with the topic of “wild herbs”, we recommend that you start slowly. Every body reacts differently and sometimes it can be “too much of a good thing”! You have to find and feel the path to the perfect relationship for yourself. Wild herbs can also be perfectly combined with neutral leafy vegetables such as lamb’s lettuce or iceberg lettuce. In the long term, it makes sense to reduce the ingredients and change the ratio of wild herbs to green leafy vegetables and fruit. In general, we recommend combining wild herbs with only one type of fruit to make them more digestible.

Try our super simple, delicious and naturally healthy wild herb smoothie recipe:

  • 200g pineapple
  • 150ml coconut water
  •  ½ hand lemon balm
  • 2 hand wild herb mix (dandelion, ground elder, nettle)
  • 2cm piece of ginger
  • Juice of one lemon
  • 3 stalks of mint
  • well purified, energized water

Simply put all the ingredients in the high speed blender from bianco di puro and mix by using the “Green Smoothie” program. Lean back – enjoy – pamper your body and soul!

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