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A glass of celery juice every day

The daily glass of celery juice is not just a trend, it’s a whole science. Starting with the founder of the Celery Juice Movement, Anthony William, who managed to turn green vegetables into a famous “raw food hero”. There are many reasons why celery is so super healthy. If you look at the nutrient table, you quickly notice that many fields are filled here. From numerous vitamins to important mineral salts such as potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium to enzymes and coenzymes that help to break down and digest food better. According to Anthony William, the trendy vegetable is the most powerful weapon against chronic diseases. Celery juice has anti-inflammatory effects and supports the detoxification organs. The celery juice forms an alkaline environment in the intestine and fights against harmful bacteria, viruses and fungal germs. It should also flush out toxins and protect against harmful environmental influences. It is important here that we absorb the celery as juice. This means that digestion is not stimulated and the valuable nutrients can develop and play their effects undisturbed. We have summarized the green effects of celery juice for you:

  • has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • starves harmful viruses, bacteria, toxins, yeast, mold and other fungal germs
  • strengthens the bile (important for the breakdown of fats)
  • strengthens stomach
  • acid supports digestion and prevents putrefactive processes
  • rich in electrolytes and mineral salts (also have a mental and emotional relief)
  • rich in bioactive sodium
  • supports the central nervous system by moisturizing at the deep cell level
  • flushes toxins and old drugs out of the liver
  • helps in curing chronic diseases

Morning “Beauty Booster” – celery juice on an empty stomach

Celery juice is also often referred to in the media as a “beauty booster”. But the juice should be consumed with caution, not only because you have to get used to the taste, but also because the intestines can be overwhelmed with the detoxifying reactions. If you are not used to it, you should definitely start slowly. In particular, people who have severe problems with their intestines, such as “leaky gut”, should first focus on a healed intestinal flora. In general, we recommend feeling pure within yourself and feeling what is right and what is too much. It is also a good idea to mix the juice with a dash of lemon or a piece of cucumber at the beginning. On the one hand, it makes the juice more appetizing and, on the other hand, the intestine can get used to it, sip by sip. However, the aim should be to drink and enjoy the juice pure. The recommended amount is about 0.5 liters of celery juice on an empty stomach early in the morning.

Making Celery juice in a high speed blender

When buying celery, it is essential to ensure high organic quality, because we do not want any pesticides floating in our juice. It is always important to wash the celery well before use. Don’t forget the foliage, this can also be used. The more leaves, the more intense is the taste. Celery juice can be pressed in a high speed blender as well as in a classic juicer. So if you don’t have a juicer at home, you can easily get your daily celery juice from the blender. All you need for this is an additional nut milk bag and some energized water. First cut the celery into large pieces and mix. Add a little water depending on how thick it is. Then put the paste in the nut milk bag and squeeze it out well – Et Voilà, your first celery juice from the blender!

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