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Immune booster – mobilize the immune system

Summer has said goodbye to us … The wind is blowing outside, the leaves are dancing on the streets and we snuggle up on the couch. The days are getting shorter, but also more comfortable. But as the season changes, so does the risk of catching a cold. It’s now even more important to pay attention to a healthy body and to take small but effective steps to naturally strengthen the immune system. We introduce you to 6 immune boosters that work big and small miracles with their valuable ingredients.

Blueberries and lemon balm for the immune system

Blueberries hide a number of valuable nutrients such as polyphenols, vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants and fiber behind their wonderfully delicious taste. This makes blueberries real defense heroes for the immune system. Because the blueberry season only lasts from the end of June to the end of September, we recommend freezing the small fruits. Which medicinal plant goes well with blueberries: lemon balm. In addition to regulating insulin production, lemon balm detoxifies the liver, spleen and kidneys. In addition, the herb is an excellent nerve relaxant, especially for the nerves of the digestive tract. Lemon balm is at the forefront in the fight against viruses, like the Epstein-Barr virus, and helps against streptococci, which can cause infections such as tonsillitis. This makes blueberries and lemon balm delicious immune boosters that can be consumed as delicious immune booster smoothies in autumn and winter.

We have put together a smoothie immune booster recipe for you that is super easy to make in the bianco di puro mixer:

  • a ripe banana
  • 200g frozen blueberries
  • ½ bunch of lemon balm
  • well purified, energized water

Garlic and broccoli fight viruses

Garlic is nature’s “miracle bulb”! Garlic has antibacterial healing effects and protects against free radicals with allicin. In fact, garlic is often referred to as a natural antibiotic. By mobilizing and supporting the immune system, viruses are killed and the healing process is promoted. The best: compared to chemical antibiotics, garlic has a positive effect on the intestinal flora. In addition to garlic, broccoli is also an immune-boosting miracle weapon. Broccoli contains a multitude of valuable nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, that can hardly wait to strengthen your immune system! However, broccoli should be cooked with caution so that the healing nutrients stay alive and can act on the immune system. To keep the broccoli rich in vitamins, you should wash it carefully with cold water, put it in boiling salted water for only 2 minutes and then immediately put it in ice water so that the cooking process is stopped. By blanching it not only retains its naturally strong color, but also the immune-boosting nutrients. Because garlic and broccoli complement each other perfectly, we have created a vegan soup recipe with the two defenses that warms and is good on cold days.

Everything you have to pack into the bianco di puro high speed blender:

  • 500 g broccoli blanched
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • ½ leek
  • well purified, energized water
  • 150 ml oat cuisine | alternatively: soy cuisine or rice cuisine
  • 1 tbsp natural vegetable stock
  • Salt pepper
  • if you like: a few leaves of basil

Immune booster shots with ginger and turmeric

That ginger and turmeric are among the strongest immune booster foods is no longer news for many. The two roots come from Asia and have a lot to offer! The yellow turmeric root has a positive effect on the brain and digestion, supports the liver and relieves flatulence such as bloating. You have to know that the digestive system plays an essential role in relation to our immune system. Meanwhile, ginger is known for its spiciness and cozy warmth. The ginger tuber has many vitamins, iron, calcium and essential oils that have anti-inflammatory, expectorant and analgesic effects. Together, ginger and turmeric are the battle giants and boost our immune system with full force! A great way to take the two immune boosters is to mix a shot! This not only works in the classic juicer, but also in our bianco di puro high speed blender.

For a strong immune booster shot we recommend:

  • 1 piece of ginger (about 60-70g)
  • 4 turmeric roots (or alternatively turmeric powder)
  • 2 lemons
  • a pinch of finely ground pepper
  • 1 orange

Turmeric is known as a coloring agent

Turmeric is not only an impressively strong food, but is actually used as a coloring agent due to its strong orange. Therefore, when using the root, it is good to know that turmeric will rub off – On the hands, on the clothes and unfortunately also on our devices. We used an extra “turmeric cup” internally, which we only use for turmeric dishes and which has therefore taken on a yellow color. Unfortunately, we haven’t found a better solution yet. Anyone who has already found the “turmeric miracle cleaning agent” is more than welcome to tell us what the cleaning agent is! Until then, we are working on a fix for the orange problem ourselves. If you often experiment with turmeric, we recommend an extra bianco di puro mixing vessel.

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