Making soups in the bianco di puro mixer

Soups are very important at bianco di puro, because soups are always a delicious, very simple and super healthy choice. We have therefore created some recipes for you that are ready in a few seconds at the push of a button in the high-performance mixer. Before we start mixing, here are a few general “mixing […]

FREA – vegan zero waste restaurant

FREA in Berlin Mitte, a restaurant that is one green step ahead. Everything that is served here is seasonal, regional and homemade. More importantly,

Make ice cream yourself in the bianco di puro mixer

Just jump into the supermarket and ransacking the ice cream counter is easy. Reaching the mixer at home is even easier! We’ll tell you how to make the perfect ice cream yourself at home in the mixer, what tips and tricks there are, why making ice cream yourself is smarter and of course: the best […]

Raw food expert Bruno Weihsbrodt

We visited Bruno Weihsbrodt in his homeland St. Johann in Tyrol. He’s researching raw food and its effects for over 20 years now. Bruno has already written several books and lives the raw food scene like no other! For him it’s clear to say that healthy raw food nutrition and joie de vivre go hand […]

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