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Raw food expert Bruno Weihsbrodt

We visited Bruno Weihsbrodt in his homeland St. Johann in Tyrol. He’s researching raw food and its effects for over 20 years now. Bruno has already written several books and lives the raw food scene like no other! For him it’s clear to say that healthy raw food nutrition and joie de vivre go hand in hand. To immerse yourself in the raw food diet, a vegan diet is the first step. Start gently by avoiding animal products every day, get yourself excited with the green variety and have food combinations in mind. Bruno sees the greatest challenge in the raw food scene in defining the perfect ratio of vegetables and fruits for yourself. Who finds the optimal balance, will quickly feel that the body and the mind are in top shape. They are awake and active.

Food sequences and food combinations

For Bruno are food sequences and food combinations the A and O in the raw food diet. The first simple rule: First the easy digestible foods, then the heavy ones. Foods that are easily digestible are Fruits, like an apple, that is digested in just 15 minutes. Heavy foods are Nuts, grains and animal products. So you should definitely avoid reaching for fruits after you have eaten difficult to digest ones. Because in this case it comes to a miter and putrefaction process in the stomach and intestines. Bruno also doesn’t like mixing water in smoothies or drinking while eating, because water dilutes the digestive juices and thereby weakens digestion. Bruno’s daily focus is on the liver, which is responsible for the Nutrient distribution and detoxifying the body. Wild herbs like Dandelion and nettle are perfect choices to stimulate detox. But watch out if you don’t have wild herbs in your daily nutrition plan, you should start slowly and feel how much the body can take. We asked Bruno how an optimal raw food Nutrition plan looks like when considering food sequences and Food combination noted:

  • in the morning: one kind of fruit, this can be great with green leaves and Wild herbs are combined
  • for lunch: Grains such as quinoa and vegetables (also as vegan Curry possible)
  • in the evening: Green leafy vegetables with legumes without mixing vinegar and oil (for a delicious dressing variant, see the last section)

Grass juice and simple raw food recipes

Part of Bruno’s daily nutrition plan is a mixed grass juice. Grass is scientifically proven to be the only food that humans can survive for several years without having to resort to other foods. Grass contains all the nutrients the body needs and is also basic, which mineralises the body and prevents over-acidification. To make the super healthy grass juice tastier at the beginning, you can mix coconut water, stevia leaves or maple syrup. We asked Bruno about other favorite ingredients and recipes for the high-performance mixer:

  • Smoothie cream: three bananas, grass, mint and lemon balm, 1 teaspoon honey, spirulina, tiger nuts
  • Soup: fresh tomatoes, flax seeds and oregano
  • Dressing: wild herbs, energized water, oregano, seaweed, grass juice and flaxseed

Raw food works wonderfully when you work with your body and listen deeply to yourself. As Bruno says: “We are all different, every body works differently.”

We see raw food nutrition as a super exciting life project that never gets boring and is always delicious!

If you want to find out more about Bruno and his grass product, you should definitely visit his website at!

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