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Interview with radio veggie and bianco di puro founder

Founder of bianco di puro, Paul Wollersheim, was a radio guest of founder Michael Kiesewetter, founder of Radio Veggie. The interview is all about today’s diet, attitude to life and of course about our bianco di puro devices. A very informative article that we want to share with you!

Michael Kiesewetter: How exactly did you get into smoothies? As I’ve heard, it start to be less pleasant with an illness?

Paul Wollersheim: I was not the best version of myself at the time, but today it’s the best thing that could have happened to me. Back then, in 1996, I fell ill with an autoimmune disease and was kept alive for two or three years with traditional medicine until I asked myself what my body actually wanted to tell me.

Michael Kiesewetter: What did your body say?

Paul Wollersheim: To be honest, I still don’t know exactly. But the right side of my body was immobile and the classic, athletic methods had little effect. So I changed my entire lifestyle and became vegan in 1998. I quickly felt a change and improvement in my body, but not 100% either. As a result, I took a closer look at our diet and came to the fact that we no longer chew enough. Important nutrients do not even have the chance to get directly into our intestines.

Michael Kiesewetter: That’s right. I would say it’s because of the fast moving times. We practically have no time for anything. But wasn’t 1998 better?

Paul Wollersheim: Not really. We already lived the fast food lifestyle back then. But then I discovered the blender for myself, which can dazzle everything and transport important nutrients directly to where the body needs them.

Michael Kiesewetter: That means that for those who don’t chew 32 times and now drink from the blender, the nutrients arrive where they really should.

Paul Wollersheim: The chance is high, right. However, various factors also play a role, such as the salivation that happens when you chew. But in any case, the idea of building high-performance mixers was born. Today I also know that operating a high-performance mixer is one thing, but it is another to eat more consciously, to enjoy yourself, to eat more consciously. I am also sure that everyone can eat healthily even without a mixer. It’s just almost impossible nowadays because we do everything quickly on the side. If you have a mixer, you can prepare a nutritious soup, a healthy dessert or of course a smoothie in a very short time that is nutritious and gives the body something.

Michael Kiesewetter: How did you come to develop the high-performance mixer? Did that come from your illness or did it take you a while to get to it?

Paul Wollersheim: When I was sick at the time, I was working for a large company that sold electrical appliances. At the time, I was responsible for imports and was in constant contact with our partners in Asia. When I went vegan, I had ethical problems with myself. Because the company was a food company that also worked with the meat industry. At that time, the best 30 employees were given the opportunity to get to know all the positions in the company where I was there. The butcher shop was part of that and I got an idea of what really happened to the animals. It made me a passionate vegan because I couldn’t see how to kill animals just to get full when there are so many other options.

Michael Kiesewetter: So a hardcore vegan?

Paul Wollersheim: Back then, yes. Today I would say that I am a conscious vegan. This also includes using high-quality organic quality, which is where I recommend Demeter. Also to buy seasonally and preferably regionally.

Michael Kiesewetter: At the moment I am also seeing a lot of organic apples, organic carrots that don’t come from Germany, but from Italy or strawberries from Spain. That’s actually against nature, because strawberries in particular only grow in summer.

Paul Wollersheim: That’s right, and when we come back to our high-performance mixers here, it is also clear that the mixed goods can only be as good as what is put in. So you should pay attention to what ingredients you put in the blender if you are doing it for a health aspect.

Paul Wollersheim, Gründer von bianco di puro
Paul Wollersheim, Gründer von bianco di puro

Michael Kiesewetter: Your devices are particularly beautiful. How did you come up with these designs?

Paul Wollersheim: I first tried to sell mixers of friends from Taiwan here in Germany. But the way they looked, it wasn’t that easy. So I turned to Italy and designed beautiful mixers. At this point in time the name bianco di puro came into being. The meaning of bianco di puro is “pure white”, I wanted to embody this, I wanted to be honest, to be authentic, that was the development of the whole. The customer notices when something is set up or when it is lived authentically.

Michael Kiesewetter: What about your devices, which, if we’re being honest, are sometimes quite expensive. Who are your customers?

Paul Wollersheim: The customers are from A to Z. The question is who can afford such a device. Of course, we still have a lot of development in the product. We want to improve everything that could be done wrong. However, they are not that expensive in competition.

Michael Kiesewetter: I would say if you have a € 100,000 kitchen in your home, you buy a bianco di puro high-performance mixer instead of the most famous american model.

Paul Wollersheim laughs: Thank you! Unfortunately, these are usually not the users. I can read out every device that ends up in our service department. Sometimes I see that not much has happened between the date of purchase and the actual date. That is why it is particularly important for me to convey a wealth of recipe ideas in the social media area that show what benefits our devices have and how much they can. Because I always say: “A used device is the best seller.”

Michael Kiesewetter: On your website we can also find recipes such as vegan spreads or soups. What I think is great that there are programs for this on the mixer, so understandable for everyone. Simply put all the ingredients in the mixer, press the program button and it’s done.

Paul Wollersheim: Exactly, this is basically the fast food function of the devices. The way we eat, we also prepare our food.

Michael Kiesewetter: The only difference is that I put raw ingredients in the bianco di puro mixer, which can be heated up to 42 degrees, which does not exceed the raw food threshold. These are devices that can do almost anything. Can anything be improved at all?

Paul Wollersheim: Of course we won’t stop. For example, I found out that there is a lot of oxygen in the container when it is circulating and that it oxidizes our vegetables and fruits. This can destroy important vitamins. So I made a vacuum pump that takes the oxygen out of the container before mixing. This makes the smoothie taste better, the colors are stronger and the nutrients are retained. For me that was a great invention, which unfortunately has not yet experienced the hype. I’m still waiting for my competition or my friendly competitors who will also bring such a product. Then we can all move the story forward together.

Michael Kiesewetter: So that would also be advertising for your devices if competitors were to come onto the market with the same product?

Paul Wollersheim: Of course.

Michael Kiesewetter: Mr. Wollersheim, what is it like, how do you eat today?

Paul Wollersheim: I eat everything, vegan of course. I often eat raw vegetables, but I know my body and know that especially in cold times like now, my body also needs cooked and warm food. Sometimes I fast too.

Michael Kiesewetter: How is fasting for you?

Paul Wollersheim: Fasting is very important to me. I really notice how my body cleans itself internally. I mean, we men have the problem that we don’t have a monthly rhythm, and I think it’s important that you just leave your body alone

Michael Kiesewetter: How often do you do that?

Paul Wollersheim: I say every six months.

Michael Kiesewetter: So not every month?

Paul Wollersheim: Sometimes what I do is fast for a day. In addition, I usually don’t have breakfast, just prepare a smoothie and don’t eat until around 4 p.m. So I only eat whole food once a day

Michael Kiesewetter: Doesn’t it then happen that you go to the fridge between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m.?

Paul Wollersheim laughs: Yes, I’m only human. But let’s put it this way, if my body shows a reaction, then I know exactly where it’s coming from.

Michael Kiesewetter: That means listening to your body and seeing where you can help?

Paul Wollersheim: Yes, exactly – body and mind.

Michael Kiesewetter: The shops are currently closed. Can you try out your devices before you buy them?

Paul Wollersheim: Unfortunately, you can’t. I usually have a shop in Cologne that is currently closed. We have dealers all over Germany who also sell our devices.

Michael Kiesewetter: You are probably missing the trade fairs right now, right?

Paul Wollersheim: I don’t miss the trade fairs because of the turnover, but because of the people, the people you meet. Trade fairs were always a way of conveying information that was passed on to all the people you got to know.

Michael Kiesewetter: For everyone who is interested, there are also devices for the catering industry, right?

Paul Wollersheim: Yes, exactly, we have adapted the engine technology here. It is a brushless motor and therefore quieter and almost indestructible. We give a guarantee of up to 25 years on these devices. We could also give a lifetime guarantee, but that is not allowed in Germany.

Michael Kiesewetter: Does that mean you are absolutely convinced of bianco di puro?

Paul Wollersheim: Yes, of course! Ultimately, I am convinced of the mixer – I don’t care which mixer the customer ends up with because I know that a high-performance mixer has a right to exist in every household. This is important to me. If I can convince people and have fans of bianco di puro – that is my goal!

Michael Kiesewetter: That was almost a nice final word. But what I would also like to know: How are your health today?

Paul Wollersheim: I’m much, much better! Sometimes I have my difficulties here and there, but not in the way I had back then. That also has something to do with the attitude to life and I wish that to everyone who questions “incurable” diseases and looks for good people who support you. I also believe that diseases also take place in the head. 93% of the body is trained to survive and only 7% takes place in the ego. These 7% make us sick.

Michael Kiesewetter: We are currently living in a difficult time that you should strengthen your immune system, you can hear everywhere. What do you do to strengthen your immune system? Or is your current diet sufficient?

Paul Wollersheim: I think the key here is to be aware of things. Consciously eating a balanced diet. The green smoothie during the day naturally contributes to this.

Michael Kiesewetter: A healthy smoothie is of course great. If you buy a device from you, you also get a book with over 70 recipes. Or just go to the website and you will find many articles on recipes and balanced health. Mr Wollersheim, that was a very informative conversation, thank you. Good luck for the future and as soon as there is something new, we will hear from each other again.

Paul Wollersheim: Thank you very much, Mr. Kiesewetter!

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