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Milk alternative: nut milk

Whether it’s a vegan diet, allergic reaction or simply the super delicious taste – the nut milk is as popular as ever and deserves even more attention! There are different ways to make nut milk yourself. The classic variant is a little more time-consuming. Here, the selected nuts are soaked for several hours before they are mixed with a high speed blender and, depending on their fineness, pressed through a nut milk bag. Does it work faster too?

Make nut milk yourself without a nut milk bag

Make nut milk yourself? Without a nut milk bag? Is that possible? We say: OH YES! A delicious nut milk can be made in a blender in seconds without a nut milk bag. All you need is a high quality nut butter and energized water. The best result is achieved when you have also made the nut butter yourself. This is also super easy in the bianco di puro high speed blender, you can find more about this under Making nut butter yourself.

Nut milk made from nut butter

Almond milk, hazelnut milk, cashew milk? Whatever the decision, all you need is about a tablespoon of the selected type of nut in the form of a nut butter. To do this, we mix 500ml of energized water and select the “cereal milk” button on the bianco di puro mixer. If the “sweet tooth” screams, you can add 1-2 dates with a clear conscience. If you also like it a bit spicier, we warmly recommend using cinnamon – super delicious!

Winter and simple nut milk recipe

So many different nuts result in even more recipes for delicious nut milk. Because it’s cold outside and we like to use our nut milk for warm and sweet dishes, we have created a simple nut milk recipe that warms the heart, soul and stomach:

  • 1 tablespoon hazelnut butter
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 date
  • 500ml energized water

We love to use our nut milk for smoothies, porridge, golden or matcha latte, pancake dough and so much more!

Benefits of homemade nut milk

The way to the supermarket may seem less complex than fiddling in the kitchen, but is that really it? We have five reasons and therefore also five advantages that are right for homemade nut milk:

  1. Fresh nut milk brings more nutrients. Because with the packaged and highly processed nut milks, you don’t know what the water quality and the quality of the nuts are.
  2. Homemade nut milk saves money! The range of nut milk is increasing, but the price is not decreasing. Homemade nut butter is very productive and is enough for a lot of nut milk!
  3. A type of nut? Why not two? Very sweet? Little sweet? Maybe even slightly spicy? Pimp up the nut milk and compete against the offer in the supermarket!
  4. Mix one tablespoon of nut butter, 500ml water, at the push of a button – almost as fast as reaching for the nut milk shelf, or not?
  5. Make nut milk yourself and be environmentally conscious. Do something good and save rubbish! So much plastic ends up in the bin every day, swims in the ocean … What if everyone makes their own milk? Be part of the nutty and environmentally conscious movement!

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