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“FULL TASTE. ZERO WASTE ”- title of the FREA book. It tells the story of the Berlin restaurant FREA, which is one of the first zero waste restaurants in the world. In addition to the history of its origins, delicious recipes are shared as well as tips for implementing a more sustainable life. The founders Jasmin and David Johannes Suchy reveal small and big details and openly encourage the reader to think more sustainable. From the first idea to the specification of a plan to the opening of the #zerowaste restaurant and the consolidated corporate philosophy – FREA not only inspires with delicious, regional and seasonal dishes, but also with a tireless force to fight against the mountains of rubbish and to save our green planet.

The idea behind it. Vegetable kitchen. Appreciation of food. Organic farmers. SILO in Brighton. Gratitude. Sustainable interior design. FREA star – the composting machine. Full of taste.

“Soil is my gold.”
Peter Janoth

Nature gifts. Culinary artist. Ferment. Create. Handmade and hearty. Recipes. Baking bread. Mushroom perfection. No rubbish. The five R’s + 1. Generational equity. Seasonal fruit and vegetable calendar.

FREA book arouses emotions and energies

The book arouses various emotions and hits the heart. Because deep within us is the desire for a healthy, blooming and colorful world. The words and pictures recorded on recycled paper invite you to think about how each and every one of us can contribute to such a sustainable and lively world. From the first to the last page you can feel the love that has flowed into the entire FREA project. This is so contagious that the book was devoured in the house of bianco di puro and released new energies. We wish the book FREA many readers, new approaches in the everyday life of every individual and we cannot wait to enjoy FREA in Berlin again soon.

The founder of bianco di puro, Paul Wollersheim, had the pleasure of visiting FREA and getting to know the two founders. From the beginning he appreciated the specialty of the restaurant and is a true FREA enthusiast. His words about this impressive specimen:

“I was immediately into FREA! The FREA philosophy is very similar to my own and that’s why I was a fan from the very first minute. I don’t cook great dishes, I mix them instead. My bianco di puro high-performance mixers are an important part of the kitchen in terms of sustainability and help me and thousands of people to master a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in everyday life. “

You can order the wonderful book on the FREA website:

We already had the pleasure of visiting FREA on site last autumn. This experience underpins what is recorded in this book and we are proud to contribute a small part to it. If you’d like to read more about it, check out our blog post here.

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