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Go vegan – 6 tips for beginners

Switching to a vegan is a life decision. Most people don’t make the decision to go vegan out of the blue. Deep thought processes, inspiring conversations or eye-opening documentaries about meat, animals and the earth are often a trigger to deal with the vegan world. Becoming vegan is not always easy, and it is certainly not easy to stay vegan. Therefore, we want to give you 6 tips on the way to make life as a vegan easier. So let’s start at the very beginning and that means for us:

1. Know your why

To be vegan, you should know why you are doing it. What are your motivations? How do you want to feel as a vegan? In what ways do you want your life to change? People go vegan every day for a variety of reasons. Many eat purely plant-based in order to prevent diseases and to be more vital and productive in life. Others no longer want to hurt animals and more and more a reason: to protect our environment and to be more sustainable. No matter what your reason is, it’s important to know it well. Write down your three most important reasons and preferably pin them on the fridge.

2. Don’t be too strict with yourself

Becoming vegan is usually a process that many develop over several years. From a meatless way of life as a vegetarian, step by step, to vegan. Start where it is easy for you. For example, replace milk with plant-based milk or start with three vegan recipes a week. You will quickly notice that many products are very easy to replace. Set yourself small goals at the beginning and slowly feel yourself inside. Even when you go out to eat, you’ll notice how many vegan options there are already. In general, it is better to live 90% vegan for the rest of your life than to live 100% vegan, but only for two weeks.

3. Be open to new vegan dishes

Many beginners in the vegan diet tend to replace every product they are used to 1: 1 with a herbal product. This can quickly lead to disappointment, because even if the industry makes great advances in the vegan scene every year, some products remain “irreplaceable” in taste for many. So try to be open to new dishes. There are so many wonderful vegan cookbooks, the social networks are bursting with vegan accounts and many restaurants also offer innovative vegan dishes. Try it yourself and you will be surprised what you have “missed” over the years and how advanced the vegan diet is.


4. the vegan shopping list

Why not free the refrigerator and pantry from all animal products? The products don’t have to be thrown away – your neighbors or the table will be happy! Then start with a structured shopping list and get these vegan foods:

  • fresh vegetables
  • fresh fruit
  • legumes
  • nuts
  • cold-pressed oils
  • Rice / pasta / cereal products
  • plant-based dairy products
  • Spices and herbs
  • optional: tofu and wheat protein products

As a vegan, you eat a larger amount on average. This is because many vegan dishes are high in nutrient density but low in calorie density. So don’t be surprised that your shopping cart will look fuller than usual. Also, make sure you are eating enough. Switching to a vegan diet can often be confusing, especially at the beginning. It helps a lot to think about recipes in advance. So you only buy the ingredients that you really need. Also keep in mind that vegan foods are not always healthy and rich in vitamins. So be sure that the vegan recipes cover your daily need for important nutrients and vitamins.

5. bianco di puro high-performance mixer – your tool in the vegan kitchen

The vegan kitchen invites you to make many products yourself. From plant-based milk and salad dressings to smoothies and pestos. A wonderful tool? Our bianco di puro high-performance mixer. We have many customers who have a healthy and vegan diet. This is simply because our high-performance mixers are a great help when it comes to vegan nutrition. Recipes for delicious nut butters or smoothies can be quickly mixed with our devices. In general, a bianco high-performance mixer makes you more creative and an expert in “doing it yourself”. For example, it is a delicious way to take the daily need for vitamins, fiber, secondary plant and mineral substances in the form of smoothies.


6. Follow vegan accounts on social media

Social media is springing up with new vegan accounts. Follow your favorite vegan accounts regularly and discover new ones. Here you will find daily inspiration and new recipes to try. We too, bianco di puro on Instagram and Facebook, publish vegan recipes almost daily. In the end, the most important thing is: Have fun going vegan and be vegan! Think of your why. Be open to new things, let yourself be inspired every day and don’t be too strict on yourself. Ultimately, a vegan diet shouldn’t be an abdication, but rather a motivation to enjoy life in a healthier and happier way.


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