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Bianco di puro blender or juicer?

In this blog post we want to uncover the exact differences between a blender and a juicer. In addition to a well-considered investment, kitchen appliances are, to put it bluntly: another appliance in the kitchen. That’s why many people overthink every day as to which of the appliances should be the next kitchen highlight. We have a clear favorite that we now want to get closer to.

The big difference between a juicer and a blender

Let’s start with the first point: What can a juicer do compared to a blender? Well, of course: juice. The question arises, what can a blender do compared to a juicer? So much that a whole list is needed:

  • smoothies
  • soups
  • doughs
  • nut butter
  • energy Ball
  • sauces / dips
  • grain- and nut milks
  • flour
  • ice cream
  • sweet creams
  • pesto

And now to a very important point: A blender can also do juice! And with no big effort. Here the ingredients are first mixed and then pressed through a nut milk bag. The result is identical – thin, delicious juice. If you use the bianco di puro vacuum pump for mixing, you prevent the mixture from oxidizing and so a juice from the mixer can keep up very well with a juice from a slow juicer. There’s also another reason why it’s beneficial to make a juice with a blender:

Faster cleaning: blender or juicer?

The mixer clearly wins here. After a mixing process, you put water and a drop of washing-up liquid in the mixing container and let the rinsing water mix for a few seconds, then the mixing container is briefly rinsed under running water and you’re done. The used nut milk bag is “poured out” and washed in the washing machine. With a juicer, on the other hand, you have many individual parts that all have to be carefully cleaned by hand and with a brush. This makes the entire juicing process very lengthy and tedious.

Preparation time of a juice

We all know: time is limited and the most valuable thing on earth. If you want to quickly prepare a juice in the morning, you are better off with the mixer. Because the preparation time for a juice with a juicer is about 10 minutes. The preparation time for a juice with a blender and nut milk bag is about 5 minutes.

Our conclusion: A juicer takes a lot of time and muse – a blender, on the other hand, is such a fast, versatile and practical device. If you like smoothies, soups, sauces, etc. in addition to juices, we recommend our special high-performance mixers from bianco di puro, which are equipped with different programs.

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