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Live healthier and grow old happily – 5 tips for your everyday life

At the end we all want the same thing, to live healthy and grow old happily. Living healthy and being happy is not a matter of course – on the contrary, in our eyes it is the greatest wealth, the real richness of life. Often we are so busy with small everyday problems that we lose sight of the big picture and thus also ourselves, our health, our well-being. We want to give you 5 tips to live healthier and grow old happily.

1. Eat healthy

Our first tip is very clear: in order to live healthy, we have to eat healthy. A healthy diet is so important and unfortunately often neglected. But the adage “You are what you eat” puts everything in perspective. Those who eat unhealthily should not be surprised if they feel weak and exhausted. We need healthy food to optimally nourish our bodies. All the millions of cells that make us who we are, that keep us alive every day, need to be fed with essential nutrients. A balanced and healthy diet is essential. Where do you start? What does a healthy diet look like? We think:

  1. Enough macronutrients every day: long-chain carbohydrates, healthy fats and high-quality proteins
  2. A colorful variety of fruit and vegetables
  3. Important micronutrients, through smoothies, nuts, seeds and sprouts
  4. little to no animal foods
  5. prefers whole foods such as whole grain products and generally unprocessed products
  6. Buy organic products, preferably seasonal and regional
  7. low sugar foods
  8. no alcohol
  9. Important: drink enough water – at least 1.5 liters a day

2. More exercise in everyday life

It has been scientifically proven that exercise keeps us fit and healthy. Sport promotes our immune system, reduces stress and prevents diseases. In addition, regular exercise increases the release of happy hormones, which in turn make us happier through everyday life. It doesn’t have to be a strenuous workout every day, a walk is also very good for us. Here, too, balanced sports units are ideal not only to activate all muscle groups, but also to bring variety into our everyday lives. A nice way to keep fit: looking for like-minded people and doing small training sessions together. In the best-case scenario, so many things can happen at the same time, such as:

  • Muscle and endurance training
  • get some fresh air
  • exchange ideas and maintain social contacts
  • establish a solid routine
  • Bring variety into everyday life
  • strengthen the self-confidence

3. Sleep healthy and happy

Sleep makes you healthy and happy? Oh yeah! It doesn’t get any better or easier! While sleeping, the body regenerates and is on the path to elimination. In order to get the best out of it, a few factors should also be considered here, such as:

  • consistent sleep rhythm to strengthen the inner clock
  • alcohol and nicotine should be avoided
  • the sleep hormone melatonin is formed in the dark – ensure that the lighting is dimmed before going to sleep and that the bedroom is darkened
  • avoid blue screen light before bed
  • enough sleep – everyone ticks differently here, but it is important that we feel well rested in order to master the day unstressed / happy

4. Avoiding stress to live happier and healthier lives

Stress is a big factor that can throw us off track and negatively impact how we feel. Temporary and short-lived stress is completely normal and okay – the body can handle it well. More difficult and dangerous is long-term stress, which can make itself felt mentally and physically. Stress isn’t always avoidable, but there are several ways to at least reduce it. This includes movement and sport, yoga is perfect here. But also breathing exercises and stays in nature. In general, exercise, healthy nutrition and sleep, the three points already listed, can demonstrably help us to better manage and reduce stress.

5. a bianco di puro high-performance blender makes you happy and healthy

Yes, that’s right, we believe that our high-performance blenders increase general well-being in everyday life! Why? Therefore:

  • bianco di puro high-performance mixers help us to implement healthy recipes in an uncomplicated way, such as a green smoothie with plenty of vitamins and minerals
  • bianco di puro high-performance mixers save time in everyday life and thus give you more time to enjoy
  • bianco di puro high-performance mixers manage to pass on a large quantity of fruit and vegetables to us in an easily digestible form
  • bianco di puro high-performance mixers simplify work in the kitchen and save us stress
  • bianco di puro high-performance mixers are simply great and fun…

We really hope that we were able to help you with the valuable tips. Basically, it’s about going through everyday life mindfully and consciously, allowing yourself moments for yourself and day in and day out, perceiving and appreciating the beautiful things in life.

We look forward to inspiring you with healthy tips in everyday life. Feel free to check out Instagram and Facebook. And don’t forget “Think healthy”.

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