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bianco di puro high-performance mixer “Verde”

Our new high-performance mixer “Verde” sets the new standard for the future. The great special feature: Every single Verde mixer was assembled directly at bianco di puro. The fact that the final production does not only take place in Germany, but directly in our house, fulfills our high quality standards to our complete satisfaction. Not only do we have full control over the product, we also have the opportunity to understand the device down to the smallest detail.

Become more sustainable with the “Verde” mixer from bianco di puro

It is our aim to become more sustainable. Step by step we want to build a more sustainable corporate structure. The Verde Mixer is our first step in this direction. We do without unnecessary packaging material and rely on sustainable packaging. We are therefore touting the Verde high-performance blender as our “new standard”.

What the bianco di puro “Verde” mixer can do

Even if the Verde mixer looks very simple to operate at first glance, it is an all-rounder. Although there are only three preset programs to choose from, the green smoothie program, the fruit smoothie program and the soup program, you can start mixing according to intuition with the manual control dial. With 1,400 watts of power, the soft start (1,500 rpm) and up to 32,000 rpm. at the top it can also cope with resistant plant components. The six stainless steel blades in the BPA-free plastic container are robust and durable. Together with the standard conical container, the integrated heat and overload protection, the VERDE is a top device at an absolutely top price of only €399.

What founder Paul says about the “Verde” mixer

For founder Paul, the “Verde” mixer is a very clear step that needs to be taken. He also sees the great urgency of becoming more sustainable in life. So the “Verde” mixer is an affair of the heart for him, which he wanted to implement immediately with all his power from the very first moment. Full of fervor we hear him say again and again:

“My main goal is not to sell masses of blenders. My big goal is to make people healthier with my products.
For me, the daily green smoothie is not just a meal, it is a ritual that gives me strength, both physically and mentally.”

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