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5 book recommendations for getting started with a raw food diet

A healthy diet is crucial to our overall well-being and long-term health. In a world where new science and trends are constantly emerging, it is important to continually educate yourself about different diets, learn new practices, and seek recommendations for a balanced diet. Books play an important role in this context as they offer deep insights into the world of nutrition and enable readers to constantly expand their knowledge. In this blog post we share our book recommendations on the topics of raw food nutrition, intelligent nutrition and green smoothies. For us, these books are wonderful sources of valuable information and advice that is often neglected in today’s society.

Book recommendations on the topic of raw food nutrition

Our first book tip is “Living Raw Food” by Mimi Kirk. The book is an inspiring guide for people interested in raw food nutrition. The author shares her personal experiences and insights into how a raw food diet can help improve health and slow the aging process. The book not only presents recipes for raw and healthy dishes, but also information about the benefits of raw food, tips for implementing it in everyday life and instructions for preparing delicious dishes. Mimi Kirk emphasizes the importance of fresh, unprocessed foods and shows how this diet can promote energy, vitality and well-being.

Kirstin Knufmann wrote another great book on the subject of raw food nutrition called “Raw!” The special values of a raw food diet are also passed on here. However, the focus is on the 111 vegan raw food recipes that make entering the raw food scene enjoyable. In addition to the delicious recipes, many tips for mixing, dehydrating and drying are shared. It is the perfect book for anyone who is interested in the raw food diet and wants to try it out.

Book recommendation on the subject of intelligent nutrition

The book “Intelligent Nutrition” by Renée and Bruno Weihsbrodt is packed with valuable information about raw food living. The two authors focus here on the individual foods. Many types of vegetables and fruits are explained and the exact benefits are explained. Arguments for the raw food scene are presented and examined objectively. This book is also full of delicious recipes, which often contain a variety of wild herbs. This book will teach you how healthy the raw food diet is and how alive you will feel.

“Fresh vegetables, plump fruits and aromatic wild herbs…

… that’s all it takes to surprise our taste senses.”

Buchempfehlungen zum Thema grüne Smoothies 

Book recommendations on the subject of green smoothies:

Our first book recommendation: “Green Smoothies” by Victoria Boutenko. The name says it all, the topic of green smoothies is examined from all perspectives and rounded off with ingenious green smoothie recipes. Everyone will find something here, from the “Gewitterstorm” smoothie with pineapple, star fruit and chard to the “memory aid” with purslane, cucumber and pear. The author makes you want green smoothies right from the start and provides insight into the personal experiences of people who have been able to significantly improve their lives with green smoothies.

Our last book tip comes from bianco di puro’s personal ranks. It is our own book “Mix Hits” that we created with great attention to detail. Super delicious recipes are recorded here, all prepared with a bianco di puro high-performance mixer. From creamy soups like “celery soup with hemp seeds and apple” to smoothies like “strawberry-vanilla smoothie with aloe vera” to dips and sauces like “tofu-pea dip”. Here the reader not only gets very special recipes, but also gets a feeling of how easy a healthy diet can be, because the high-performance mixer is a great kitchen aid in everyday life.

Our conclusion to these book recommendations:

It becomes clear how easy a healthy and vegan diet can be. Because all books have this point in common: the holistic, mindful and raw food approach. What makes us very happy is that all the books recommend a high-performance mixer. In the raw food scene, a blender is THE kitchen appliance that makes your everyday life easier and gives you the opportunity to try out different recipes and experiment with joy.

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