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Steam or boil – what’s the difference?

We hear boiling, steaming, simmering – but what is the exact difference now? Let’s start with the most common term, boiling. When cooking, one speaks of temperature-conducting liquids such as water or fat, which get into the fibers of the food, swell them and heat them up. This often makes the food easier to digest, but this method also means that many vitamins and important nutrients are lost. When you boil with water you also understand that the water has a temperature of 100 ° Celsius and thus reaches the so-called boiling point. If the food is cooked a little below the boiling point, one speaks of simmering. Now to our favorite term today: steaming. When steaming, the food is enveloped in hot steam (98 ° C to 100 ° C), which is a very gentle cooking method, because vitamins and nutrients are almost completely preserved here. Steaming has been preferred to cooking for centuries, especially in Asian cuisine. Vegetables, fish and poultry are cooked in steamer inserts made of bamboo. Today it is also more modern, namely with so-called steamers, as bianco di puro has also brought one to the market.

Bianco di puro steamer “Rapido”

The steamer from Bianco di puro is an impressive device that can prepare several dishes at the same time with three levels one above the other. The patented STRIX-rapid-heating-system (50% faster than other systems) generates high steam speeds after a very short start-up time and can therefore gently prepare food in a very short time. The operation of the device is simple and straightforward. With the rotary switch, a cooking time of up to 30 minutes can be selected, which is automatically ended by the auto-stop function with a beep. The cooking containers and rice bowl are BPA-free and can be stowed away to save space. Thanks to the 3 cooking containers, the cooking volume can be variably adjusted to up to 9 liters, because the removable stainless steel bases can be adapted to a single cooking container with a larger cooking volume. The extra-large cooking container is ideal for preparing asparagus and fish. The large water opening enables easy water supply, even while the device is in operation. The best? The bianco di puro steamer is currently available at an unbeatable offer. Included in the package: the bianco di puro Aqualita, a water filter including a water cartridge. Buy here now: Rapido + Aqualita on offer.

Steaming is one of the healthiest forms of preparation

When steaming, the ingredients and taste are almost completely retained, which makes steaming one of the healthiest forms of preparation. The gentle cooking method is also so simple and does not require any great cooking skills. Vegetables such as broccoli, flower- and brussels sprouts in particular should be steamed, because here you know that the glycosinulates they contain break when they are cooked, but are retained when they are steamed. Glycosinulates have anti-cancer properties. Vitamin C is also lost to 75% when boiling, and only 25% when steaming. Also a nice side effect: the color stays more intense

Our conclusion: steaming over boiling!

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