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“You are what you eat”

It has almost become part of our company philosophy at bianco di puro: “You are what you eat”.

Certainly many have already heard the quote… you are what you eat… so simple, but we think there is a great meaning behind it, which we want to take up today.

“You are what you eat” can bring clarity on many levels if we look into it more. Nothing is directly obvious and yet it is obvious. Every day we have the choice WHAT we eat.

Do we eat healthy or unhealthy?
Are we eating enough or not enough?
Does our food satisfy us or does a wish remain unfulfilled?
Do we eat balanced or the same every day?
Do we eat regional and seasonal?
Do we eat purely plant-based or animal-based?
Do we not tolerate certain foods or remove others from our shopping list for reasons?

We notice our daily meals are shaped by various factors and if we look closely we can see how these factors are reflected in our daily lifestyle. “You are what you eat” becomes the truth.

We associate healthy people with healthy food and unhealthy people with unhealthy food. Why? Quite simply because in most cases it is true. However, we have to interject here that the word “healthy” means something different to everyone. For some it is healthy to eat a salad a day, for others it is only healthy if only balanced and unprocessed food is eaten from the first to the last meal and then there are others who then feel healthy, the less they eat at all…

There are so many different diets and so many different opinions about healthy eating. You also have to realize that every person is individual and we don’t all fit into one pot. What feels right for one person can literally push the other. Nutrition is such a unique thing that everyone can discover for themselves in the course of life. Yet there is this “you are what you eat” approach that can help you become more clear about how you want to eat. The fact is that nutrition is primarily there to provide us with energy. Without food we starve and don’t survive. The most important thing we have to ask ourselves every day is: Which foods give me the most energy today? And you’ll see certain foods pop into your head and you’ll instinctively know what your body wants. That’s why the term “healthy” is so flexible. Sometimes a green smoothie is just what your body needs and sometimes it’s a piece of chocolate.

Living healthy as a constant, not an exception

I’m sure many know the feeling:

We eat a green salad with colorful vegetables, a light dressing and think “Oh, I feel so good”. That’s all well and good, a little later our stomachs are growling and suddenly we’re craving something sweet… We stuff a store-bought chocolate bar into our mouths, the sugar takes away our energetic spirit, we feel tired, frustrated and almost ashamed . The good mood is gone and because we have already screwed up, we eat an ice cream on top.

Why wasn’t the green salad enough? Often it is obvious, it was too little, it didn’t fill us up and maybe it wasn’t satisfying either.

We see that the simple thought of “eating healthy today”, eating a healthy meal is often doomed to failure. Eating healthy must become a standard, not an exception. But why is it so difficult to stick to this diet?

Much can be traced back to our childhood. Sweets, cakes, ice cream were something special, they were often a reward. Then we get older and gain control over what we want to eat. Suddenly there are no limits and we can “reward” ourselves every day – who doesn’t want that? And suddenly we are caught, caught in a consumption of sugar and fats that make our heads happy for a short time. But as quickly as the blood sugar level falls again through simple carbohydrates, our good mood, our energy, falls just as quickly. There needs to be a shift in perception in the mind where we understand that the real reward is a healthy meal.

Live healthy

What needs to happen to implement a healthy lifestyle? What needs to happen in order to eat healthy every day without triggering a feeling of “something is missing”? It has to become your second nature. You have to feel how much it gives you. Life energy, a radiance from within, beautiful skin, renewed motivation, a good mood, and the most important thing: health. So often we take our health for granted, but it is not. Of course, healthy people can also get sick, but a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet ensure a strong immune system in general.

What does living healthy mean?

We thought about it and came to the following points that make up a healthy life for us:

  • a plant-based and balanced diet
  • regular stays in nature
  • enough sleep
  • enough relaxation
  • positive thoughts
  • sunlight
  • sports and exercise
  • much water
  • digital breaks

The exception confirms the rule. What is the exception and what is the rule? That decision is yours. With the simple phrase “You are what you eat” we can ask ourselves this again and again and reflect on ourselves.

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