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Large selection of blender jugs

Wide range of blender jugs for different applications.

Ventilation System

The highly efficient ventilation system on the underside allows rapid heat dissipation to prevent the motor from overheating.

Reach Highest Power In Sec.

Easy Removal and Cleaning

The Smart Corner technology generates so much flow dynamics in the jug that it was possible to dispense with further contours on the jug walls. This does not only make it easier to get the mixed food out of the jug, but it also facilitates cleaning.

6 stainless steel blades

Innovative Smart Corner Technology

Smart corners for a better mix
At bianco di puro, also the blender jugs are in the focus of technical development. Thanks to the patented Smart Corner technology, the food to be mixed is moved optimally through the jug and is thus mixed more smoothly and homogeneously. With conventional jugs, the food to be mixed is pressed against the jug wall. The wave-shaped bottom of the Smart Corner Technology moves the product evenly through the jug in the form of a threedimensional 8. Thus it is constantly pulled in the direction of the rotating blades. The result: With Smart Corner the food is mixed more homogeneously and faster.

Test result

Haus & Gartentest – Volto | N Conclusion:

Volto N – the latest offspring of the bianco di puro family, was just as convincing in the test as Puro and Forte were before him. Without any weaknesses in the function tests and with an intuitive operating concept, it scored the well-deserved test victory.

(Haus & Garten, Edition 6/2015)

Magnetic Sensor for the Detection of the Blender Jug

When the jug is removed from the motor block, the motor stops automatically.


Overload Protection

The motor stops automatically when the knives are blocked due to overload caused by too many ingredients.


Overheating Protection

As soon as overheating of the motor is detected, it stops automatically.

Intelligent Power Management System (IPM-system)

The patented innovative iPM system (Intelligent Power Management System) continuously checks the motor power in the first five speed levels during the mixing process of tough and sticky ingredients (e.g. dough, nut spread) and readjusts it automatically if necessary. This means that really every mixed product is processed optimally.

Automatic Jug Identification

The patented sensor can distinguish between different jugs. The operating mode is adapted accordingly.

Tamper with Thermometer

The tamper dissolves any air bubbles that may have formed and directs more solid food to the knives in a way that is gentle on the food. The integrated thermometer on the top of the handle allows the temperature to be measured right inside the blender jug. In this way, even more sensitive vitamins and minerals are preserved by gentle heating.

Support Tri-Set

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Vacuum pump VPS01

Crushing increases the surface area of the mixed food and reacts to contact with oxygen with decomposition processes. These processes become noticeable relatively quickly through a loss of colour. Many people know the problem from avocado dips.

In addition to the visually unattractive loss of colour, this natural process also leads to a loss of valuable vitamins.

With the help of the vacuum pump, this process can be stopped. The vacuum pump prevents oxidation, provides for more vitamins, richer colours and better taste.