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Gusto α


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With the Gusto α, bianco di puro presents the ultimate high-performance mixer for the professional league. Outstanding workmanship, easy handling, low operating volume and versatility characterize this blender for the gastronomy.

The innovative brushless DC motor provides up to 400% more torque. This power predestines the Gusto α to take on more difficult tasks, such as dough kneading, in addition to the usual mixing tasks. Another advantage of the wear-free DC motor is the substantial (12 dB) lower operating volume and the 30% higher energy efficiency compared to blenders with AC motors. For high demands on quiet operation, there is a matching sound cover for the Gusto α.

5 pre-defined and 5 individually adjustable mixing programs complete the excellent impression left by the Gusto α. 5 year warranty on the engine block for commercial use also speak for this mature Power blender for professionals.



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Keeps what it promises!

No matter what task you use it for, it convinces with versatility, power and its timeless design.

The GUSTO | α (Alpha) is a high-performance blender that processes even hard and frozen food effortlessly. With its stainless steel blades made of Japanese high-carbon steel and a rotation speed of 1,500 up to 25,000 per minute, it can easily handle any task.

Let yourself be inspired and order the GUSTO α directly and free of charge here in the online shop.


1.5 litre volume
6 long stainless steel blades
lid with silicone seal
BPA-free Tritan Jar
Smart Corner Technology


Stackable professional mixing jar
1 litre volume
2 extra long stainless steel blades
Easy to remove silicone lid
BPA-free titanium plastic


1.5 litre volume
6 long stainless steel blades
lid with silicone seal
BPA-free Tritan container
Smart Corner Technology


Stackable professional mixing jar
1 litre volume
2 extra long stainless steel blades
Easy to remove silicone lid
BPA-free titanium plastic

AC Powerful Motor

Soft start with 1,500 to 25,000 rpm.
very high torque
very quiet working noise

AC powerful motor (magnetic motor) is extremely durable and free from mechanical wear and overheating compared to an DC motor. Thus, an extra long life, even with many years of professional use, guaranteed

5 + 5 Mix programs

5 pre-defined + 5 individual

5 predefined mixing programs ensure simple operation. Alternatively, you can add 5 completely individual creations of your own and thus adapt the mixing programs completely to your needs and wishes and have them available at the touch of a button.

With 5 predefined and 5 self-programmable mixing programs, the Gusto α offers orientation, but also enough freedom for the professional to set their own programs, which are available at the touch of a button.

Sound Guard Included

The Gusto α works quite quietly thanks to the AC Powerful motor. In particularly noise-sensitive environments, the SoundCover helps to reduce the volume during mixing to 62 dB.

Support Vacuum Pump

The comminution increases the surface area of the mix material and reacts to contact with oxygen with decomposition processes. These are noticeable relatively quickly by a loss of color. Many know the problem of avocado dips. In addition to the visually unattractive loss of colour, this natural process also leads to a loss of valuable vitamins. This process can be stopped with the help of the vacuum pump. The vacuum pump prevents oxidation, provides more vitamins, richer colours and better taste.


Blender jar SOLO

Stackable professional mixing container

This blender jar with a volume of 1 liter is a perfect addition for the demanding household as well as for the catering industry.

With the two long stainless steel blades, the preparation of many cold drinks is possible in seconds fast.

The container is also characterized by the very low own weight and the possibility to store them in a space-saving way.

The lid can be removed and put on very easily.


*limited action one mixing container SOLO included free of charge (only while stocks last).


Motor AC Powerful Motor
Performance 1,400 Watts
Voltage/Frequency 220-240V/ 50-60 Hz
Standby consumption < 0.5 Watt
Rotations 1,500 rpm. to 25,000 rpm.
Dimenions (h*w*d, in cm) Mixer with Canto: 46 * 24,45 * 23
Packaging: 54 * 35,5 * 30
Weight Mixer: 6.50 kg
packing: 7.50 kg
Available colours Matt silver
Operating element Buttons for selecting the mix programs and time selection,
Button for programming the individual mix programs
Pulse button, Start/Stop button, Mix level control
Mix programs 10mix programs:
5 predefined: 1. green smoothies, 2. bowls, 3. fruit smoothies, 4. blending, 5. cleaning program
+ 5 individual ones
Manual mode Variable run time and mix level selection
Pulse mode,
Display LC Display to indicate the speed level and selected preset programm
Safety functions Sensor for mixing container
Overheating protection
Overload protection
Type of use for household and commercial use
Blender jug CUBE +
Tritan plastic, BPA-free
1.5 L capacity
6 stainless steel blades
Blender jug SOLO JAR
Tritan plastic, BPA-free
1.0 L capacity
2 stainless steel blades
Tamper TS
Certificates CE, EMC
EAN, art. no. 4260328694305
Manufacturer warranty 5 years on the motor block for household use
2 years on the motor block for commercial use
2 years on the blender jug
2 years on the tamper
Scope of delivery High-perfomance blender GUSTO α
Mixing container CUBE +
Mixing container SOLO JAR (limited time offer, while stocks last)
Tamper TS
Instruction manual