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The 600 ml additional blender cup SPORT-TO-GO is a storage/drinking cup that can also be used as a blender cup with the ATTIVO.

You can easily pour your smoothie into the SPORT-TO-GO cup and store it in the fridge with the included storage lid.

By unscrewing the drinking lid, which is included in the delivery, the storage cup is transformed into a drinking cup, which is a loyal companion during sports or at work.

When used as a blender cup with the ATTIVO, it automatically releases only blending levels 1 and 2.

A vacuum closure is also available as an option.

The 600 ml cup SPORT-TO-GO is included with the ATTIVO.


The 600 ml cup SPORT-TO-GO can only be used with the ATTIVO high-performance blender as a blender cup.  (not TRI-SET)

It can be used universally as a storage and drinking cup.

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